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Who am I and What is Energy Healing?

I asked this question so many times in my adult life. What do I really want in life and how do I do it?

Nature, social interactions, animals, flowers, riding my bike, sitting outside with no noise, the country, and the list goes on. These are the things that kept me going, yet I loved my time alone, the quiet, and time to reflect on myeslf. What kind of career could I have that combines all of the above? I wasn't sure until 2010 when some major life changes started to happen. It wasn't until then that I realized that I was an Empath and I wouldn't be complete until I did something that connected me to all of the above.

My thoughts went to selling flowers from my garden, sending journals and relaxing gifts to people that were being challenged in life, helping people in any way that I could and so on. I wanted to share joy in different ways and each case was unique including different types of "gifts". But one day it hit, I needed to be more specific because I was getting worn out from trying to help with no concrete goal. My journey had been ongoing and in 2014 was when I narrowed my focus. I was introduced to a life coach that helped me to define what skills I had and encouraged me to investigate all outlets I was interested in. My Reiki experience became much more in depth, I went to leadership coaching, started learning about crystal's (and collecting them) and then took classes for Reiki, Crystal Healing and finally Theta Healing.

During my struggles, someone said to me, "you do you boo" which meant I needed to focus on myself and do more self care. This phrase made me question what it meant to me. It ultimately lead to the purpose and the name of my business. When COVID 19 started, my corporate contract ended and I decided to take my skills and create my business: You do You Naturally by Design.

I am a Reiki Level II Practitoner, Theta Healing DNA Level II Practitioner, Crystal Healer and Spiritual Coach. My specialty is that I combine each of the above healing modalities to create a specific healing session for each person. Not only do I work with people, but I also work with animals.

Crystals play a big role in my healing sessions. Prior to your appointment, I pull crystals that I feel will help you and then use them to guide our healing session and also incorporate intuition based on the energy that I get during the session. In addition to the healing, I offer additional products, such as, a"prescription" bottle of crystals that will guide you on a daily basis. The Crystal bottle is cleansed and intentions are set prior to delivering them to you.

Go to my Facebook page and request to join and you can enjoy my live videos and learn more about who I am, what I do and how I can help you!

In Love and Light~

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